Mommy Makeover

Treat yourself to a Mommy Makeover today! you deserve it

There's nothing quite like the joy of motherhood. The excitement of feeling your baby kick, seeing that miraculous little face for the first time, the miracle of breastfeeding; it's all an incredible experience. But all this can take a toll on your body. Weight gain, stretch marks, loose skin, loss of muscle tone, protruding tummies, sagging empty breasts, fat deposits, as well as other changes occur. Your body goes through tremendous changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding that unfortunately sometimes does not improve despite exercise, diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Mommy Makeover - Plastic Surgery AlbertaSome mothers regain their pre-pregnancy body with ease. However for others, getting back in shape can be difficult. Depending on your genetics, weight gain, size of the baby, number of pregnancies, and your fitness level it may be difficult to return to a state you are happy with despite a healthy lifestyle. This is where a mommy makeover can help. Safe surgical procedures can be performed to help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, and to help them feel more attractive, confident, and comfortable.

Below are some of the cosmetic surgical procedures that may help. This website will help answer some of your questions about a Mommy Makeover but a no obligation consultation with Dr. Chong may further answer your concerns and put you at ease regarding cosmetic surgery.

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