Fat Grafting

Enhance your natural facial features

Fat Grafting is a cosmetic procedure that has been gaining popularity in the past few years. It is a safe and very effective method for permanently enhancing the fullness of facial features such the lips and cheek. It also has the extra benefit of removing fat from unwanted areas. Unlike fillers once the outcomes are achieved, the results are permanent. Full sexy plump lips for the rest of your life! Fat Grafting or injection is also useful for permanently filling deep facial wrinkles or lines.

Fat Grafting - Plastic Surgery Alberta
Fat Grafting - Plastic Surgery Alberta

Procedure Details & Information

Augment volume to achieve fuller plumper lips and cheeks
Facial asymmetries, contour deficiencies or irregularities
Improve deep facial wrinkles, laugh lines and frown lines
1 - 2 hours
Under a general anaesthetic, fat cells are removed from one part of your body (abdomen or buttock), and processed to leave just healthy fat cells. These are then injected into the desired area to increase fullness and volume, or to decrease wrinkles and contour deformities.
Home for 3-7 days
Mild swelling and bruising for 2-3 weeks
Fuller, plumper lips and cheeks. There is some initial reabsorbing of the injected fat, resulting in 25-50% loss of volume. However after this, the results are permanent. The procedure can be repeated to achieve the desired volume and fullness at which point the results are permanent.
Infection, bleeding, bruising
Contour Irregularity

Additional Fat Grafting information and cost available. Please contact Plastic Surgery Alberta.