Rejuvenate the appearance of your most intimate parts

Labiaplasty is a procedure to remove extra skin and tissue from the labia minora or inner labia, the external parts of the vagina.

Labiaplasty - Plastic Surgery Alberta
Labiaplasty - Plastic Surgery Alberta

Procedure Details & Information

Loose, excess skin in the inner labia (external part of the vagina)
1 hour
Under a general anaesthetic, extra skin and tissue is trimmed from labia minora. There are several ways this surgery can be performed. The patient has a choice of leaving the darker skin or removing it.
Home for 1 week
No heavy lifting or exercise for 4 weeks
Significant swelling and bruising for 2-3 weeks
Mild swelling for 6 months
Final results in 6-12 months
Smaller, more refined inner labia
Relatively low risk
Infection, bleeding, scarring

Additional Labiaplasty information and cost available. Please contact Plastic Surgery Alberta.